Build up to Christmas

Nov 24, 2022

Well here we are, coming up to the end of November. We’re just a week away from opening our Advent calendars, and just a few weeks to go to get our Christmas shopping in. Starting from the 1st December, here’s what the Zoop Christmas calendar looks like:

  • 1st December: Secret Santa draw. With a budget of £10, we are tasked with getting the best present possible for the person we draw. Last year, Gary received a beer buzzer, Dan was gifted with a Leicester City history book, Dylan got a Star Wars Mug and lightsabre keychain, and Kyle had a Wigan Athletic calendar for 2022.
  • 8th December: Christmas Jumper Day.
  • 10th December: Zoop Christmas do. This year we are having it at the Shearsby Bath, where we are having drinks and a meal.
  • 21st December: Gaming day. Scrabble and FIFA tournaments. There is an official Zoop trophy up for grabs with the FIFA tournament. Currently, Dylan is holding it, but will he be able to defend it this year?
  • 23rd December: Last day of trade before Christmas.


We took the time to speak to everyone at Zoop today to find out what their favourite thing about Christmas is, as well as what their ideal gift would be. Here is what they each had to say.

Gary: “I love sitting with my family and watching a couple of Christmas movies, particularly any movie starring Julia Roberts. This year, what I want more than anything is a Cameo from her wishing me a Happy Christmas.”

Dan: “It’s seeing my kids’ faces on Christmas morning and all the Christmas stuff we do leading up to it. It’s all about the kids really. This year, I’d love a draft beer machine.”

Dylan: “When you have a family as big as I do, it becomes difficult to keep up to date with everyone, but at Christmas I always find a way to spend time with them, whether in person or on the phone. This year, I’d like tickets to either Download or Bloodstock festival.”

Kyle: “I really like having a few days off which I can spend relaxing as much as possible. I’m really easy to buy for, if it has Wigan Athletic on it, I’ll love it. If I can though, I want some Wigan Athletic heelys.”

Joe: “I like going down to the pub for a cheery afternoon pint on Christmas Day. This year, I’d love to get a new suit.”

Gemma: “I love Christmas lights. Seeing the town turn on the lights a few weeks earlier is amazing, they’re so pretty every year. I’d really like a necklace, silver chain with an emerald stone.”

Rob: “I’m a bit of a Scrooge to be honest, and I’m not interested in Christmas, but if I had to pick, my favourite bit is going out for a few drinks at the Market. This year I’d like a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud suite.”

Alex: “It’s spending time with my family, pulling crackers around the table during dinner. This year I’d like to have a new set of noise-cancelling headphones.”

Naomi: “I particularly love having some mulled wine with friends on Christmas Day. This year, I would love to have a Tiffany bracelet.”


With everything going on over the next month, we can safely say we’ve got a lot to look forward to!! And to all of you out there, we at Zoop Recruitment want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas!!