Zoop Recruitment Data Security Policy

By using this site you agree that we may hold and use the personal information, which you supply to us concerning you (being information which constitutes ‘personal data’ under the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR)) (‘personal information’), which you supply to us concerning you in accordance with this privacy policy. For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR), the data controller is Zoop Recruitment Limited.

Access to data is restricted on a per user basis using standard Microsoft security. Zoop Recruitment Limited servers are regularly patched with the latest recommended security updates for all server products to ensure the highest level of security.

All data on the network is protected with ESET anti-virus software that runs on servers and workstations, and is updated automatically with on-line downloads from the ESET website. This software will remove both known viruses and potential viruses and alert the Network Administrator of any outbreak.

Inbound and outbound e-mails are scanned automatically via Microsoft Office 365 and e-mails containing viruses are blocked before hitting Zoop’s network.

Remote access to Zoop’s network is provisioned through a Zoop company laptop which ensures remote workers are subject to the same levels of data security as office bound workers.

All user and server data is backed up remotely each night using a backup strategy that meets the business requirements for data recoverability.