Shortage Occupation List

Jul 4, 2022

Every year, the government publishes a Shortage Occupation List. This shows the jobs that are deemed valuable and in short supply. Due to low numbers, this often means that the government will consider bringing people in from abroad through a Skilled Work Visa. People who fit these roles can come in to the UK, but will only be paid 80% of the rate that someone in this country would be paid.

Looking at the most recent Shortage Occupation List, we noticed several roles that we have recruited in the past, in which we now have a significant number of candidates that we can place. Here are just some of the roles in need that we can provide for:

Care Workers and Senior Care Workers Residential Care Managers and Proprietors
Mechanical Engineers Electrical Engineers
Web Design and Development Professionals Graphic Designers
Quality Control and Planning Engineers IT Business Analysts


And Many More…

These roles aren’t just important, they are the backbone of our economy and our society. And such vital roles need the right people. If you’re one of the many businesses that are in desperate need of an engineer, a care worker, a web designer or any such role then give us a call. We are here to help you. And if you’re someone who’s already working in these sectors but fancies somewhere new, then reach out. We’ll always have a client who will be overjoyed to see your CV and find out just how capable you are.

We accept applicants applying from all around the world. As long as you’ve got the skills needed, we’ll do everything to get you the job you desire.